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Tony Ressler | Grant Hill | Steve Koonin
Travis Schlenk | Mike Budenholzer
Kent Bazemore | DeAndre’ Bembry | Jose Calderon
Malcolm Delaney | Tim Hardaway Jr. | Dwight Howard
Kris Humphries | Ersan Ilyasova | Paul Millsap
Mike Muscala | Taurean Prince | Dennis Schröder | Thabo Sefolosha

Principal Owner and Chair of the Board of Directors Tony Ressler
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Q/A with Ressler (KL Chouinard) – Changes Made to “Get Better” (David Aldridge) – Hawks Trying to Rise
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Right Decision in End
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – New Ownership Spends

AJC (Russell Grantham) – A Low-Profile Achiever
AJC (Mark Bradley) – Banking on Continuity
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – New Era Opens
AJC (Tim Tucker) – New Owner Speaks on Arena
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Custodians of Community Asset (Zach Dillard) – New Ownership Introduced
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Ressler a Step Forward
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Ressler Takes Over
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – NBA Approves Hawks Sale
Sporting News (Marc Lancaster) – New Ownership Makes Pledge (Kevin Arnovitz) – BOG Approves Sale
Atl. Bus. Chronicle (Phil Hudson) – Hawks Intro New Owners

Vice Chair of the Board Grant Hill
The Undefeated (Maya Jones) – Grant Hill 1-on-1
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hill Remembers “The Pass”
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hill Donates 25K to Morehouse

USA Today (AJ Neuharth-Keusch) – Hill Pursuing Ownership Dream
AJC (Doug Roberson) – Dream Team Continued in 1996

AJC (Mark Bradley) – Banking on Continuity
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – New Era Opens
AJC (Tim Tucker) – New Owner Speaks on Arena
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Custodians of Community Asset
AP (George Henry) – Hill Hopes to Bring Success (Zach Dillard) – New Ownership Introduced
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Ressler a Step Forward
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Ressler Takes Over
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – NBA Approves Hawks Sale
Sporting News (Marc Lancaster) – New Ownership Makes Pledge (Kevin Arnovitz) – BOG Approves Sale
Atl. Bus. Chronicle (Phil Hudson) – Hawks Intro New Owners

CEO Steve Koonin
AJC (Tim Tucker) – CEO’s From Other Fields
Sports Business Daily (Mark Bulovas) – Koonin’s Weekend
Creative Loafing – Koonin: Best Turnaround

Slam Magazine (Ray Glier) – Koonin No Mediocre (Cory McCartney) – Spotlight on Koonin
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Hip Opening Statement
AJC (Henry Unger) – Catching Up with Koonin
Saporta Report (Maria Saporta) – Koonin Looking for Corp Partners
AP (Paul Newberry) – Hawks Add Koonin
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Q/A with Koonin
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Koonin to Join Hawks
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Koonin Message to Employees
Atl. Bus. Chron. (Carla Caldwell) – Hawks Hire Koonin (Brian Windhorst) – Koonin Becoming Minority Owner
LA Times (Joe Flint) – Koonin Becomes Hawks CEO

GM/Head of Basketball Operations Travis Schlenk
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Top 5 Issues
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schlenk Focused on Decisions
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – West Endorsed Schlenk
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Announce Schlenk Hiring
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Close to Hiring Schlenk
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Hawks Need Schlenk as Big Picture Guy
AJC (Mark Bradley) – Job 1 for Schlenk
SF Chronicle (Connor Letorneau) – Schlenk Likely to be Hawks’ GM

Head Coach Mike Budenholzer
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Bud Can Coach
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Donates 100K to Food Bank
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bud Donating for Assists

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Q/A
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Ranking Atlanta’s Coaches
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Bud Trying to Prove Self Again
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Can Bud Build Champion?
USA Today (Ray Glier) – Bud Wins Big
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bud Puts Own Stamp on Hawks
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Q/A (Luke Dahlgren) – Ranking Head Coaches
Basketball Insiders (Eric Saar) – Ranking the Coaches
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Jumped at Africa Trip
AP (Paul Newberry) – Coach Enjoying Time in Africa
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Q/A with Coach Bud

The Advocate (Ted Lewis) – Bud’s Been in Gentry’s Spot
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Bud’s Leadership May Grow (Paul Coro) – Bud Finds Success (Kevin Arnovitz) – The Gospel of Bud
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bud Part of Africa Exhibition
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Wins Award
AP (Paul Newberry) – Budenholzer Coach of the Year (Kevin Arnovitz) – Budenholzer Coach of the Year
USA Today (Jeff Zillgitt) – Budenholzer Coach of the Year
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Bud Wins Honor
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Bud Knows Playoff Success (Marc Stein) – Bud is Coach of the Year (John Denton) – Borrego Credits Budenholzer (Fran Blinebury) – COY Chase
Bleacher Report (Jared Johnson) – Coach of the Year
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer on Incredible Journey
USA Today (Jeff Zillgitt) – Not That Complicated
AP (Paul Newberry) – NBA’s Hottest Coach (Shaun Powell) – Two Buds Share in Success
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Named COM
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Hawks our Shining Light?
Express-News (Jeff McDonald) – Building in Spurs Image
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Q/A
Bleacher Report (Jared Zwerling) – Coaches’ Summer Work (Steve Aschburner) – Bud Shares Double Duty
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer One Year In

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Shares in SA Success
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bud Earned Players’ Respect
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Coach Bud’s Message Tested
London24 – Coach Hopes to Build Bonds
Herald Scotland (Mark Woods) – Budenholzer’s History in Scotland
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Finds Locker Room
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Q and A with Budenholzer
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Reunion between Budenholzer and Spurs
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer on Opposite Side (Sekou Smith) – Pop, Budenholzer Embark on Journey (Robby Kalland) – Breaking Bud Part 3 (Paul Forrester) – Challenges Await Coaches (Robby Kalland) – Breaking Bud Part 2 (Robby Kalland) – Breaking Bud Part 1 (Fran Blinebury) – Five Coaches That Fit (Sekou Smith) – Learning the Spurs Way
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Budenholzer Goes to Work
NY Times (Nate Taylor) – Spurs Graduate Program
AP – Future is Now for Budenholzer
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Hawks Spurred for Makeover (John Manasso) – Budenholzer Ready to Lead Hawks
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Popovich on Budenholzer
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Popovich Imparts Wisdom – Offseason Buzz
AP – Budenholzer Living a Dream
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Hire Budenholzer (Brian Windhorst) – Hawks Hire Budenholzer
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Met With Ferry
AJC (Mark Bradley) – Hawks Get Right Fit
Spurs Nation (Dan McCartney) – Budenholzer the Favorite

Kent Bazemore
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Bazemore Will Be Ready
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Looking to Grow
WTOP (Noah Frank) – Bazemore’s Unique Path
Dayton Business Journal – Bazemore Q/A
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Making Good on Contract (Jared Zwerling) – Bazemore a Game-Changer (Rob Mahoney) – Bazemore’s New World
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Movie Role for Bazemore?
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – What’s Next for Baze?
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Ready
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore on Jersey Retirement
The Ringer (Kevin O’Connor) – Flick of the Wrist (Kevin O’Connor) – Finding the Next Bazemore
Simply Buckhead (Joanne Hayes) – Rising Star: Kent Bazemore
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Baze’s UNO Tourney
AJC (Helena Oliviero) – Bazemore Hosting Uno Tourney – Bazemore Holds Camp – Bazemore Hosts Camp (Adam Winkler) – Bazemore Back in Norfolk (KL Chouinard) – Bazemore Can’t Walk Away (Zach Dillard) – Falling Into Baze
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Tears for Bazemore, Howard
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Writes Letter of Thanks
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Re-Signs
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Due for Raise
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Hosting 3 Events (Kent Bazemore) – From Undrafted to NBA

2015-16 (KL Chouinard) – Bazemore Flourished
USA Today (Andrew Joseph) – How Bazemore Got Curry to UA
Boston Globe (Gary Washburn) – Bazemore Finds Warm Spot
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Trending Again (Shams Charania) – How Bazemore Salvaged Career (James Herbert) – Bazemore Remembers 499
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Ascend with Bazemore
Basketball Insiders (Cody Taylor) – Bazemore’s Best of Career
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Not Just About Defense (Shaun Powell) – Bazemore Carving Niche
AP (Paul Newberry) – Bazemore to Start
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Skinny Bazemore Battles
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Prime Opportunity for Bazemore (Nick Margiasso) – Bazemore Tries Hand at Tennis
13 News (Brian Smith) – Bazemore Passes on Wisdom (Brian Parsons) – Bazemore’s Odyssey

Pilot Online (Ed Miller) – Bazemore Gives All
Grantland (Charles Bethea) – Bazemore Q/A
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Reason to Smile (KL Chouinard) – Bazemore’s Story
AJC – Bazemore Blazing a Trail
HoopsHype (Raul Barrigon) – Bazemore Q/A
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Creates App
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Working on Offense
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Baze is Back
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Starting Over
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Sign Brand, Bazemore
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Ice Bucket Challenge
Norfolk Daily Press (Dave Fairbank) – Bazemore Prepares for Hawks
Virginian Pilot (Ed Miller) – BBazemore Dreams Big (Chris Recking) – Bazemore Comes Home
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bazemore Q/A (Marc Stein) – Bazemore to Hawks (Jeff Caplan) – Bazemore Has a Shot
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Report: Hawks Meeting with Bazemore

DeAndre’ Bembry
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Bembry to Work on Shooting
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – 5 Q’s with Bembry (Eric Yeboah) – FROetry (KL Chouinard) – Bembry Looking to Prove Himself
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bembry “Not Afraid of Anyone” (Bob Grotz) – Bembry Getting Love
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bembry Opening Eyes
Basketball Insiders (Alex Kennedy) – Bembry on Goals (Zach Harper) – First-Rounders Who Could Play Right Away (Jared Zwerling) – Bembry’s Inspiration
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bembry Number Has Significance
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bembry Has Been Best at SL (Zach Dillard) – Bembry Confident, Versatile
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Somebody Missing (KL Chouinard) – Bembry, Cordinier Ready for Challenge

Jose Calderon (KL Chouinard) – Calderon Still Having Fun (Jacob Eisenberg) – All Hail Calderon (KL Chouinard) – Calderon’s Immediate Impact

Malcolm Delaney
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Delaney on Hawks U
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – 5 Q’s with Delaney
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Special Reunion for Delaney (KL Chouinard) – Neal, Delaney Have Ties
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Delaney Belongs
Soaring Down South (Colby Giacubeno) – Delaney Finds Home
Baltimore Sun (Peter Schmuck) – Long Road for Delaney
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Delaney Belongs
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Delaney’s Dream Turned Nightmare (Connor Glowacki) – Delaney on Baltimore

Tim Hardaway Jr.
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – THJ Loves Atlanta
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Big Offseason for THJ
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hardaway Jr. Continues Impressing
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – THJ Kicking Down Door
Free Press (Chris Nelsen) – Hardaway Jr. Gains NBA Foothold
Sporting News (Nubyjas Wilborn) – Hardaway Jr. Learns His Path (Kevin Chouinard) – More Dunks for Hardaway Jr. (Lang Whitaker) – Hardaway Jr. Reaps Benefits
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Anatomy of Hardaway Trade
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – THJ Won’t be Left Out
Detroit Free Press (Orion Sang) – Hardaway Jr. Enjoys Return
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hardaways Share Bond

2015-16 (KL Chouinard) – Hardaway Next in Line?
Basketball Breakdowwn (Kacy Sager) – Location and Hardaway
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Hardaway Impressing Hawks (Graham Chapple) – The Progression of Hardaway
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Getting Best of Hardaway Jr.
Free Press (Mark Snyder) – Hardaway Jr. Touched to Teach Kids
AP – Budenholzer Hopes Hardaway Helps
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Obtain Hardaway

Dwight Howard
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Howard’s Season
AJC (Jennifer Brett) – Diary of a Wimpy Kid Premiere
AJC (JuliaKate Culpepper) – Howard to Host Screening
The Ringer (Haley O’Shaughnessy) – Not Dwight’s Fault (Dan Feldman) – Howard’s Offensive Rebounding Defies Convention
The Undefeated (Marc Spears) – Howard Shares His Stories
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Howard in Elite Company (KL Chouinard) – How Hawks Pass with Howard
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Howard’s Gift 9 Years in Making (KL Chouinard) – Howard Rebounding at Historic Level (Chris Mannix) – How Howard Makes Hawks Better (Chris Herring) – How Howard Has Transformed Hawks
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Spoelstra Sees Healthy Howard
Hoops Hype (Miko Honkasalo) – Can Howard Push Hawks? (Shaun Powell) – Howard Sparks Hawks
The Ringer (Shea Serrano) – Dwight is Back – Player Ranks: Howard (Calvin Watkins) – Howard Seen as Mentor
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Howard’s Memorable Opener
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Howard Brings Presence
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Howard Can Re-Write Story
USA Today (Ray Glier) – Hawks Need Versatile Howard
Basketball Insiders (Cody Taylor) – Howard Excited
AJC (Khadrice Rollins) – Howard’s On-Court Leadership (Shaun Powell) – Big Shoes to Fill (Tim McMahon) – Q/A with Howard
Sporting News (Scott Rafferty) – How Howard Can Improve Hawks
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Howard’s Leadership Role
AP – Howard on Homecoming (Matt Moore) – Most Underrated (Kelly Dwyer) – Howard Working on FTs
Huffington Post (Brennan Williams) – Howard Empowering Girls in E. Africa (Sean Highkin) – Will Home Help Howard? (Rob Mahoney) – Can Howard Fill Middle? (KL Chouinard) – Howard Changes Hawks for Better
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Can Kemp, Howard Redefine Themselves?
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Howard’s MVP Odds
Fox 5 (Justin Felder) – Howard Works Youth Camp
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Howard, Hawks Share Vision
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Howard Looks to his Roots (KL Chouinard) – Howard Happy to be Home
ESPN (Marc Stein) – Howard Confident (Zach Dillard) – Howard Searching for Past
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Tears for Bazemore, Howard (Justin Felder) – Howard Talks Hawks
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Howard Wants Championship
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Willing to be Coached
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Agree to Howard Deal (Zach Harper) – Things to Know About Howard Deal (Ben Golliver) – Grading Howard Deal (Eric Freeman) – Can Howard Restore Name? (Kevin Pelton) – Is Howard an Upgrade?

Kris Humphries
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Humphries Produces (Lang Whitaker) – That Time Humphries Beat Phelps (KL Chouinard) – Humphries Once Beat Phelps
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Humphries Q/A
KIMT (Adam Sallet) – Humphries Hosting Camp
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Bringing Back Humphries

Ersan Ilyasova
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Ilyasova Thrived
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – 5 Questions with Ilyasova
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Ilyasova Drawing Charges
NY Times (Scott Cacciola) – Turkish Thunder Excels at Task

Paul Millsap
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Wins Pettit Award (KL Chouinard) – Millsap: “I Can Get Better”
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Wants to Stay
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Wins Collier Award (Dan Devine) – Millsap, the No-Sizzle All-Star
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Has Been a Constant
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Took it Step-by-Step (Alex Squadron) – Paul Millsap, No. 29 (Ian Thomsen) – Millsap Goes About His Work
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap: Howard Should Help Spacing
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap on Trade Talk
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Gives Back (Martin Rickman) – Advice from Millsap

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Have a Rim Protector
Deseret News (Jody Gennessy) – Utah’s Loss Atlanta’s Gain
Salt Lake Tribune (Tony Jones) – Millsap Reflects
SL Tribune (Aaron Falk) – Millsap Betting on Himself
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Versatility Makes Millsap (Jared Dubin) – Overlooking Millsap Ridiculous (Zach Dillard) – Is Millsap Improving?
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Q/A
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Ready
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Honored in La.
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Chose Home
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Re-Signs
AP (George Henry) – Hawks Re-Sign Millsap

Grantland (Jonathan Abrams) – The Quiet Man
Sheridan Hoops (Jacob Eisenberg) – Millsap’s Complicated
AJC (Jeff Schultz) –
Millsap’s Perfect Timing
ESPN (Scoop Jackson) – Millsap Q/A
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Plays with Chip on Shoulder
Salt Lake Tribune (Tony Jones) – Millsap Finds Stardom
AP (Paul Newberry) – Millsap Shows Versatility
Rolling Stone (Michael Pina) – Millsap a Pearl
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Q/A
Deseret News (Sarah Thomas) – Millsap Returns (Chris Mannix) – Millsap Q/A
Salt Lake Tribune (Tony Jones) – Millsap a Force
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – All-Star Case for Millsap (Sekou Smith) – Attention Shifts to Millsap (Cory McCartney) – Millsap’s Evolution
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap NBA Leader in Steals
Hoop Magazine – Millsap’s First Car
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Focused on Season (Bradford Doolittle) – Top PF’s for 2014-15 (Jaryd Wilson) – Millsap Adds Stretch 4
Times-Picayune (Jimmy Smith) – Millsap Joins Roster
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Added to US Roster
ESPN (Marc Stein) – Millsap Invited
HawksHoop (Jack Moore) – Smart Move Adding Millsap
Sportal (Simon Legg) – Millsap’s Evolution

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Exit Interview (Darren Rovell) – Millsap Towers Over Atlanta (Bryan Rose) – Hawks Commission Millsap Billboard
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Expects Boos
Salt Lake Tribune (Steve Luhm) – Millsap Hidden Gem
Deseret News (Jody Genessy) – Boos for Millsap? (Robby Kalland) – Millsap Plays Well in Debut
Deseret News (Jody Gennessy) – Millsap an All-Star
Salt Lake Tribune (Aaron Falk) – Millsap an All-Star Rookie
Times-Picayune (Andrew Lopez) – Millsap Ecstatic
Advocate (Ted Williams) – Millsap Ready for All-Star
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Proven All-Star
The Source (Brandon Robinson) – Millsap Ranks Movies (Robby Kalland) – One on One with Millsap
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap an All-Star
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap is Player of the Week
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Hard to Ignore (Robby Kalland) – Breaking Down Millsap from 3
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Bud Happy with F Combo
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Wary of Emotion
Salt Lake Tribune (Aaron Falk) – Jazz Gear Up for Millsap
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Giving a Presence
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Making Presence Known
USA Today (Jabari Davis) – Millsap’s Approach Contagious
Sheridan Hoops (Jacob Eisenberg) – Millsap Home vs. Road
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Called Upon to Replace Smith
HoopsWorld (Alex Kennedy) – Millsap Gets Fresh Start
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Officially Introduced
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Was a Priority
AP (George Henry) – Excited to Have Millsap (John Manasso) – Hawks Introduce Millsap
AJC (Mark Bradley) – Hawks Bank on Chemistry
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Millsap Excited
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Agree to Sign Millsap, Carroll

Mike Muscala
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Muscala Keeps Working
Star Tribune (Jerry Zgoda) – Schedule a Gift for Muscala (KL Chouinard) – Muscala’s Breakout No Surprise
11 Alive (Tim Darnall) – Muscala Helps Pay Layaway
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala’s Change Pays Off
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala Working to be Versatile
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Pick Up Muscala Option

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala, Lee Honored

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala Making Big Strides (David Jones) – Lee, Muscala Riding High
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – High on Muscala’s Development (Robby Kalland) – Schröder, Muscala Ready
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala’s Journey

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Exit Interviews: Schröder/Muscala
Peachtree Hoops (Jason Walker) – Muscala’s Path
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala Q/A
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala Signs in Spain
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Muscala’s Mid-Range Game

Taurean Prince
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Prince on Playoff Experience
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – 5 Questions with Prince
San Antonio Express-News (Nick Moyle) – Prince Playing Vital Role
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Playoff Stage Not Too Big for Prince
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Big Stage Awaits Prince (Meghan Mitchell) – Prince Rises Above Adversities
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Defense Key for Prince
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Prince Makes Impression (Christopher Cason) – Forever Humble (Jacob Eisenberg) – Prince Has Found Home

Dennis Schröder
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Budenholzer Visits Schröder (KL Chouinard) – Schröder’s Goals for Next Season
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Growing Pains for Schröder
The Ringer (Danny Chau) – Series Worth Watching (Michael Lee) – Hawks Don’t Regret PG Bet
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Hawks Needed Schröder’s Spark
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks, Schröder Agree on Extension
AJC (Jeff Schultz) – Hawks Taking Leap on Schröder (Zach Lowe) – NBA’s Most Intriguing
AP (Paul Newberry) – Ready to Shine (Zach Dillard) – Schröder’s New Stage
Basketball Insiders (Lang Greene) – Schröder’s Growing Pains
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Era Beginning (KL Chouinard) – Schröder Rewarded
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Jack Will Help Schröder (Sekou Smith) – Podcast w/Dennis Schröder
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder on Starting

2015-16 (KL Chouinard) – Schröder Prepares for Summer (Alec McQuade) – Schröder Fulfills Promise (Motez Bishara) – Looking for Next Curry – Best Backup PG?
Muslim Journal (Sabir Muhammad) – Q/A with Dennis Schröder
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Takes Leadership Torch
USA Today (Neil Rothschild) – Dennis’ Road to NBA
Bleacher Report (Jonathan Wasserman) – Hawks’ Wild Card

2014-15 – Schröder’s Rise Continues
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Makes 2K16 Cover
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Confidence Growing with Schröder
Bleacher Report (Dan Favale) – Underrated Studs
Bleacher Report (Dan Hughes) – Star in Making
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Looks Forward
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Selected for Rising Stars
Berliner (Sebastian Arlt) – Schröder Developing (Charles Bethea) – Schröder Q/A
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Quite a Year for Schröder
Bild am Sonntag (Florian Witte) – Schröder Q/A (David Thorpe) – Standout Sophs (Zach Lowe) – Is Schröder the Solution?
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Likes Comparison (Jay Clemons) – Encouraged by Year 2 Progress
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Proves Point
Sheridan Hoops (Jacob Eisenberg) – Schröder Coming Along Slowly
Basketball Insiders (John Zitzler) – Schröder Finding His Way (Robby Kalland) – Schröder, Muscala Ready
Peachthree Hoops (Kris Willis) – Schröder Shows Expanded Game (Kurt Helin) – Schröder Growing Up (Jeff Caplan) – Eye on Big Stage
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Continues Makeover
TalkBasket (John Hobbs) – Schröder Commits to Germany

AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Exit Interviews: Schröder/Muscala
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Takes Advantage
Boston Globe (Gary Washburn) – Schröder Being Patient
GQ Germany – Schröder Featured
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Nowitzki Mentors Schröder (Jeff Caplan) – Schröder Wows Nowitzki
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Learning His Way
Sheridan Hoops (Jacob Eisenberg) – Projecting Dennis Schröder
USA Today (Lang Greene) – Schröder Represents Future
NBC Sports (Kurt Helin) – Schröder May Be Steal of Draft
Bleacher Report (Bryan Toporek) – Schröder SL All-Star
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Schröder Keeps Promise (Rob Mahoney) – 5 Summer League Surprises (Ben Golliver) – Schröder Turns Heads (Zach Harper) – Schröder Shows Patience, Poise (David Aldridge) – Q/A with Schröder
AJC (Steve Hummer) – Improving Foreign Relations

Thabo Sefolosha
2016-17 (KL Chouinard) – Sefolosha Among Steals Leaders (KL Chouinard) – Sefolosha, Korver Thriving
The Undefeated (Marc Spears) – Sefolosha Gets Real (Zach Lowe) – 10 Things I Like (KL Chouinard) – Sefolosha, Korver Ready
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Work Paying off for Thabo
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Sefolosha Taking Part in BWB (Barbara Schneider-Levy) – Sefolosha Opens Shoe Store
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Q/A with Sefolosha

2015-16 (KL Chouinard) – Upward Trend for Sefolosha
ESPN The Mag (Scott Eden) – The Prosecution of Thabo
AP (Paul Newberry) – Sefolosha’s First Game
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Sefolosha’s Recovery Process
AP (Paul Newberry) – Sefolosha in Camp

2014-15 (Kevin Arnovitz) – Sefolosha Q/A (Kevin Arnovitz) – Sefolosha Reflects
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Sefolosha Finding Range
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Sefolosha Getting Comfortable
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Sefolosha Had Visa Issues
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Acquire Sefolosha (Robby Kalland) – Sefolosha a Great Fit
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Sefolosha Q/A
AJC (Chris Vivlamore) – Hawks Fill Void
Oklahoman (Darnell Mayberry) – Sefolosha Feels Great (Rob Mahoney) – Hawks Add Sefolosha

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